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VC222 is the new generation 24-bit triaxial vibration sensor embedded with DIN4150-3 standard and algorithm, capable of instant remote access and analysis. Its built-in geophone sensors are at a high resolution of 130dB in dynamic range. The IP67 protection allows users to apply to vibration research applications, as well as geological surveys. VC222 provides DIN4150-3 German vibration standard which is able to perform onsite calculation and give instant reports with its computing capability. VC222 has an open platform for those who have established self vibration algorithms but have had hard time finding a suitable hardware to put into practice. VC222 supports cloud service by which users have easy and quick
accesses to upload or download data remotely.

  • Vibration monitoring of blasting in mine site
  • Vibration monitoring of highway/railway bridges
  • Vibration monitoring of tunnel structures
  • Comfort monitoring of residential buildings
  • Vibration monitoring of adjacent and neighboring during construction works
  • Sensor type                         :Tri-axial geophone (built-in or externally connected )
  • Storage                                 :16GB Micro SD card (expendable)
  • Sampling rate                     :100 sps、200 sps、500 sps、1000 sps
  • ADC resolution                  :3-channel @24-bit
  • Display                                  :LCD Display
  • Output                                   :Ethernet, Compatible with Modbus protocol (RTU or TCP/IP)
  • RTC accuracy                      :± 60 s/year
  • Operation temperature   :-20°C ~ +70°C
  • Power supply                       :12 ~ 30VDC
  • Dimension (LxWxH)        :217 x 168 x 80 mm
  • Waterproof                          :IP67



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