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Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation

TPIR measures the global solar radiation, calculated as sum of the direct sun radiation, and the radiation diffused by the sky and scattered clouds. Thanks to its standards of accuracy the sensor is a very suitable for various application in the field of meteorology. TPIR is equipped with a thermopile element, specifically designed and developed for SIAP + MICROS. The sensing element generates a tension proportional to the captured radiation, which is acquired by a signal conditioning electronics that normalizes the output in a standard tension, current, Modbus or SDI-12 signal. Measurements features are maximised by a double dome made of special optical glass (Schott K5), which allows a wide range of measurement of the solar radiation frequency (0.3 ÷ 3 μm). The production process is completed by a calibration in a climatic chamber with an artificial light source, in order to obtain high accuracy even when the temperature varies. The sensor is supplied with power and signal cable (4m).

Range 0 ÷ 1300 W/m² (other range on request)
Spectrum 0,3 ÷ 3 µm
Accuracy ± 10 W/m² (1° Class WMO)
Transducer Thermopile
Working temperature -30 ÷ 60 °C



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